Owner-Managers, here's help to cope with tough trading conditions:

Your 'Survival Spreadsheet Seminar'™ 

(With a free download of the actual Spreadsheet)

Here Is Everything You're Getting!

If you want to survive the stormy seas ahead, you need to stay laser-focussed on the cash flow your business will generate (or lose) month on month over the year ahead.


In normal times, cash flow management is less critical.  But in tough times, nothing matters more for the survival of a business. Right now, entrepreneurs are at the sharp end of the steepest, deepest economic down-turn ever seen.


We entrepreneurs all know about the importance of cash flow (just as we know how important nutrition and exercise are).  But too often there is a gap between knowing what we need to do and actually doing it!


That's why I created my simple "Survival Spreadsheet"; to help me and my clients focus on the KPI that really matter in a crisis.


The idea is to have one single page that shows, for the worst case trading scenario, what the cumulative cash flow is likely to be from Operations (with and without cost-cutting) so that you can layer in potential cash from non-Operating sources, such as asset sales, further borrowing and even equity infusions (if possible, as a last resort), to see how to get through the difficult months ahead.


Here's what you're getting with the Survival Spreadsheet Seminar - and how it can help you NOW:

  • Survival through Cash Flow Clarity: A Monthly Model to Manage the Year Ahead

    Here's the simple guidance you need in order to focus on cash, the key to financial survival.


    Bracing for the worst calls for some serious financial analysis. To avoid hitting the wall by running out of cash, we need to make sure you can line up the resources you're going to need to get through the worst case scenario.


    Having worked out your Break-Even Sales level, we'll see what can be done to lower it, through out-sourcing and cost-cutting. But we can't afford to be so radical that we kill the goose that may lay tomorrow's golden egg.


    To plug the residual hole in future cumulative cash flow, we'll explore asset sales and fresh sources of finance.


    My "Survival Spreadsheet" is the key tool we'll use - and you get it as a download as part of the Survival Spreadsheet Seminar package. It is your responsibility to check the data and calculations in your spreadsheet; my purpose is to encourage you to estimate your monthly cash flows as best as you possibly can for the coming 12 months.

  • The Survival Spreadsheet itself

    This is the exact same spreadsheet I use with clients to project monthly cash flows one year out. It's vital to clarify what your cumulative cash-outflow could be, worst case, so that you can work out what you need to borrow (and/or what assets you need to sell) to get through the worst.  

    • Let's make sure you're braced for the worst-case scenario
    • Let's calculate your Break-Even point & do all we can to get it DOWN
    • Let's see what asset sales, further borrowing and even equity infusions will be needed to get you through to thriving again


  • A Video Walk-Through of How To Use the Survival Spreadsheet

    You're also getting, in the explanatory video, an actual walk-through of how the spreadsheet works and how to use it to plan to raise the funding you're going to need, worst case, to get through the stormy seas ahead.

Because we Entrepreneurs are all now facing an unprecedented crisis, and because I learned lessons from the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 which I can bring to bear now, I am determined to make available to Owner-Managers the kind of help that is needed, at the lowest possible price.



  • The jargon-busting book 'Increase & Extract the Value of Your Business'

    This acclaimed book, normally sold for £19, was co-written with a business leader and a motivational mentor to encourage you to get to grips with the levers of value in YOUR business by de-mystifying financial mumbo-jumbo. I want you to be able to pursue and defend the value of your business, when the time comes, with confidence!

    • You can read its 40 pages in an afternoon

    • Your clarity and confidence in goal-setting for your business will surge

    • This is the perfect primer & companion for any value-related negotiations to come

  • My Audio-Version of the book 'Increase & Extract the Value of Your Business'

    I'll also give you my £27 audiobook version free, to enable you to absorb the content while you're doing chores around the house (or walking to work!)

These bonuses are worth a total of £46.


This Survival Spreadsheet Seminar gives you the simple, powerful tool you need to navigate the stormy seas ahead. And it's hard to put a price on saving the business you have been building for years, if not decades.


I am offering all this to you not for £243 (c $330), but for just £197 (c $268)


I've been through the mill myself as an entrepreneur, and I know what a lonely ordeal it can be to face a major downturn alone. 


I'm extending a hand of help because I really do want to reach out to fellow entrepreneurs now to help them get through the heavy waters ahead and bob back up again when calmer weather arrives.


And here's a chance to get a fresh perspective on your problems. 


Thank you for giving this your consideration.


I wish you all the very best in these extraordinarily challenging times for entrepreneurs.


Best regards,


Dr. David Young

The Exit Expert


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