Owner-Managers, want to Exit

without the pain of failed Sale?

New 'Exit Planning Guide'
Micro Course (Video+Workbook+Session)

Here's What You're Getting With This Eye-Opening  Short Course

If you started 2020 with hopes of selling your business, or at least stepping back from full-time management, you could be forgiven for tearing your hair out. But don't despair!


The pandemic has certainly brought havoc to the markets, boosting a few sectors but damaging most and destroying some altogether. It's been a terrible year for many Small & Medium-sized businesses and the knock-on effects of massive government borrowing and money-printing have yet to come.


But there are various ways of getting yourself out of the management saddle, of extracting some capital from your business and of reducing (partially or fully) your ownership stake.


If you did want outright sale, that might be more possible than you think - especially if we can find strategic buyers for your business who wont worry too much about a bad year or two.


But have you considered merging your business with one of roughly similar size, and benefitting from the synergies through bigger dividends? That could let you bow out of day-to-day management, if you wanted to.


Or what about selling your business (completely free of CGT in the UK) to an Employee Ownership Trust? Or exploring a Management Buyout?


There are plenty of options out there, but they need thinking through in relation to your own specific personal and financial needs, and in the light of the state of your business right now.


This is where the Exit Planning Guide comes in. Here's what it gives you - and how it can help you NOW:

  • The Exit Planning Guide video briefing by Exit Expert, Dr. David Young

    In this 40 minute video presentation, David Young explains your exit options and why there may well be much better chances of success in achieving an acceptable Exit this year than you might have thought.


    You get guidance through the maze of options, based on your personal needs and the state of your business.


    First, is time on your side? Or are you facing personal &/or business pressures to disengage from management &/or ownership of your business?


    Or would you just like to 'take some money off the table', to reduce your financial dependence on your business in these uncertain times?


    Here is a framework for thinking through your best options - and the best timing to pursue them.

  • The Exit Planning Workbook

    The accompanying, downloadable Workbook is designed to help you apply the insights of the course to your own specific situation.


    The Workbook walks you through the key questions in the right sequence


    It contains the Worksheets I use with my consulting clients to clarify the urgency of their situation and to chart the best course of action in the light of that.


    • How to work out whether time is on your side
    • Free Financial Endurance Test (for your business)
    • Charting your preferred vs emergency Exit options
    • Goals for any transaction you might undertake
    • Yield calculator for the proceeds of any Sale
    • How to de-risk any business sale process
    • Next Steps


This micro-course is designed to help YOU think through YOUR options, having set them out for you and explained why it would be a mistake to dismiss some of them prematurely. 


Because we Entrepreneurs are all now facing unprecedented uncertainty, and because I learned lessons from the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 which I can bring to bear now, I am determined to make available to Owner-Managers the kind of help that is needed, at the lowest possible price.



  • A 1:1 Strategy Session with Exit Expert David Young

    Once you have completed the micro-course, send your Workbook to dy@shield.uk.com to book your free 30-minute Strategy Session (by Zoom or phone) with Dr. David Young, the Exit Expert or one of his special coaches!

    This would normally be charged at £300 (c $410)

  • The jargon-busting book 'Increase & Extract the Value of Your Business'

    This acclaimed book, normally sold for £19, was co-written with a business leader and a motivational mentor to encourage you to get to grips with the levers of value in YOUR business by de-mystifying financial mumbo-jumbo. I want you to be able to pursue and defend the value of your business, when the time comes, with confidence!

    • You can read its 40 pages in an afternoon

    • Your clarity and confidence in goal-setting for your business will surge

    • This is the perfect primer & companion for any value-related negotiations to come

  • My Audio-Version of the book 'Increase & Extract the Value of Your Business'

    I'll also give you my £27 audiobook version free, to enable you to absorb the content while you're doing chores around the house (or walking to work!)

These bonuses are worth a total of £346 (c $470).


The Exit Planning Guide gives you the simple, powerful toolkit you need to navigate Exit in the stormy seas ahead. It is designed to help you secure & deliver the value of the business you've been building for years, if not decades. May I ask you: how much is that worth?


Now I am offering you all of this not for £543, but for just £197 (c $270). That's 64% off.


I've been through the mill myself as an entrepreneur, and I know what a lonely ordeal it can be to face a major downturn alone. 


I'm extending a hand of help because I really do want to reach out to fellow entrepreneurs now to support them in getting fair value for their years of business-building, in spite of the challenging circumstances we face.


Above all, I want to make sure you avoid the agony of failed sale. 


Thank you for giving this your consideration.


I wish you all the very best in these extraordinarily challenging times for entrepreneurs.


Best regards,


Dr. David Young

The Exit Expert


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