Owner-Managers, your mission is to invest just 3 hours/week for 3 weeks to get a grip on your funding, your fitness & your future so that you can surf stormy seas, with the 

'Bounce Back Surf Camp'™! 

Here Is Everything You're Getting With This LIMITED Offer!

If you want to Bounce Back...without going under...and you'd welcome some seasoned guidance (plus an independent perspective on some of the most difficult decisions you've ever had to take) at an amazingly low price, as befits these tough times, then this 3-week live group-coaching course is definitely for you.


With a 30-minute video-training module (& assignment) released each Monday, plus a 60-minute "Work It Out Wednesday" live Zoom session, the course is designed to be short and snappy for busy entrepreneurs like you; it shouldn't take more than 3 hours a week to get your 'Survive to Thrive' Blueprint knocked into shape! 


Why not come with a colleague, so you can discuss and share the weekly assignments together?


Here are your 3 deliverables from the Bounce Back Surf Camp™, & how they'll help NOW:

  • A 'Survival Spreadsheet', giving Monthly Cash Flow Clarity, for the Year Ahead

    Bracing for the worst calls for some serious financial analysis. To avoid hitting the wall by running out of cash, we need to make sure you can line up the resources you're going to need to get through the worst case scenario. Having worked out your Break-Even Sales level, we'll see what can be done to lower it, through out-sourcing and cost-cutting. But we can't afford to be so radical that we kill the goose that may lay tomorrow's golden egg. To plug the residual hole in future cumulative cash flow, we'll explore asset sales and fresh sources of finance. My 'Survival Spreadsheet Seminar', with its downloadable template, will save you time building your own spreadsheet - so I'm providing it you as one of the free bonuses that comes with this course.

  •  A 'Fitness Framework', to boost your Morale & Productivity in these Tough Times

    We entrepreneurs are now at the sharp end of the steepest, deepest economic down-turn the world has ever seen. We are being stretched to destruction in financial and human terms, simultaneously. The challenges we face are colossal; not only finding the funding to survive while coping with the shock and horror of the sheer scale and unfairness of the suffering we are facing, but having to work harder than ever to stay afloat and work out the best way forward. People are scattered right across the Kübler-Ross Grief Cycle, from Denial and Anger to Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. But as business leaders, the sooner we can work through to Acceptance, the sooner we can summon our teams to survive and, ultimately, to thrive. 


    With my qualification in Clarification Coaching, I'm able to serve not only as a Financial Consultant but as an empathetic ear & Life Coach, to help clients get in touch with their feelings, express emotion and let it ease them into action (instead of staying stuck in suppressed exasperation). 


    I'll be encouraging us all to raise our fitness & resilience levels, through healthier life-styles and habits, so that we can function with more peace and productivity, despite all the current challenges!

  • An 'Facing Exit?' Guide & Workbook, to Help You Assess Your Options

    Time to look up! When coping with a crisis, we tend to see nothing but negatives. That's natural. But we need to search for bright spots too; it would be a shame to miss them, wouldn't it? So we'll scour the skies together for silver-linings and opportunities to do things differently. For those who may prefer or need to Exit their businesses this year or next, we'll discuss the 3 building blocks of value in a business (Stand-Alone, Synergies and Strategic Benefits for a partner) and explore what can be done to develop each block. If progress in one area is on-hold, let's see what can be done in others. I've sold plenty of loss-making businesses in my career, which just goes to show that poor or negative stand-alone value can be outweighed by other benefits a business can offer to a potential partner. And competition works wonders! We'll also look at all the alternatives to Sale, including Mergers, which are much easier to negotiate in turbulent times when absolute valuations are hard to agree. The Exit Planning Workbook flags key pitfalls when selling a business and provides solid guidance on how to avoid them.

Because we Entrepreneurs are all facing waves of uncertainty, and because I learned so many lessons in 2008 from the Global Financial Crisis, I now want to offer Owner-Managers the range of help that's really needed, at an affordable price.  So I'm offering the 3-week Bounce Back Surf Camp live group coaching course for just £300 (about $400).  I'm also adding free bonuses worth over £240, to really make this a no-brainer for you...



  • Survival Spreadsheet Seminar

    This is a video training which explains step-by-step how to use the exact same spreadsheet I use with clients to project monthly cash flows one year ahead. It's vital to clarify what your cumulative cash-outflow could be, worst case, so that you can work out what you need to borrow (and/or what assets you need to sell) to get through the worst. You also get the spreadsheet itself, as a download. Value: £197.

    • Let's make sure you're braced for the worst-case scenario
    • Let's calculate your Break-Even point
    • Let's see what can be done to get that Break-Even point DOWN
  • The jargon-busting book 'Increase & Extract the Value of Your Business'

    This acclaimed book, normally sold for £19, was co-written with a business leader and a motivational mentor to encourage you to get to grips with the levers of value in YOUR business by de-mystifying financial mumbo-jumbo. I want you to be able to pursue and defend the value of your business, when the time comes, with confidence!

    • You can read its 40 pages in an afternoon

    • Your clarity and confidence in goal-setting for your business will surge

    • This is the perfect primer & companion for the Bounce-Back Surf Camp™

  • My Audio-Version of the book 'Increase & Extract the Value of Your Business'

    I'll also give you my £27 audiobook version free, to enable you to absorb the content while you're doing chores around the house (or walking to work!)

These bonuses are worth a total of £243 (c.$330).


The Bounce-Back Surf Camp™ puts you through your paces to boost your survival chances in the stormy seas ahead and get you back to thriving again in the shortest possible time. It's hard to put a price on saving the business you have been building for years, if not decades. But that is the kind of value this course can give you!


For a limited time, I'm offering special "Pandemic Pricing": all this today not for £543 (c.$740), but for just £300 (c.$410)


That's 45% off !


Because I've been through the mill myself as an entrepreneur, I know what a lonely ordeal it can be to face a major downturn as an owner-manager. 


I'm extending a hand of help because I really do want to reach out to fellow entrepreneurs now to help them get through the heavy waters ahead and bob back up again when calmer weather arrives.


And here's a chance to get a fresh perspective on your problems. 


The Bounce-Back Surf Camp™ trainings start being released to you as soon as you join, and will remain available for you to consult and repeat as much as (and whenever) you want, for life.


Your membership comes with one month's access to the weekly live "Work it Out Wednesday" sessions with me, David Young. The timing of the Wednesday calls can be varied a bit to suit the current participants, depending on their time zones. But a slot that is currently working well for everyone around the world is: Wednesday 1-2pm PST; 4-5pm EST; 9-10pm UK; Friday 7-8am Sydney/Melbourne.


I hope to see you on the inside! But now, fellow Entrepreneur, it's over to you...

What do our clients say?

I've been assisting entrepreneurs build and extract value since I founded Shield in 2001 to defend Owner-Managers in a world of financial advice biased in favour of buyers (who are obviously the repeat clients of the big banks and their lawyers). From an initial focus on sale transactions, I have moved upstream into value-building and growth coaching for entrepreneurs, whether or not they have any plans for sale or succession.

"Shield's Growth Coaching helped me double my profits in under 3 years. This automatically increased the valuation multiple the business deserved! So it was a double whammy benefit for us..."

Peter Bennet

Managing Director, Groveley Engineering

Shield helped me reshape my company's strategy (away from package tourism and towards cycle hire operations at strategic tourist destinations) in a way that made it more attractive. They found buyers when all the obvious candidates had withdrawn. And they maintained competitive tension. As an ex-banker myself, I can safely say that I have never seen such great value delivered in a corporate finance transaction before. Shield was able to bring investment banking expertise to a much smaller transaction size than the investment banks would look at.

Susan Achmatowicz

Founder, Country Lanes Limited

They were superb, guiding us through a very demanding process, very innovative, attentive and refreshingly straightforward to deal with. It was very reassuring to have Shield by our side.
I cannot commend them highly enough."

Eduardo Loigorri

Founder & Former Managing Director, Exchequer Software Limited

"Hiring Shield was probably one of the best decisions we ever made. Having built a business for thirteen years, in the last three months we managed to triple its value"

Joe Zammit Lucia

Founder, Former President and CEO, Cambridge Pharma Consultancy

Although the issues involved could hardly be more serious, this course is going to be enjoyable! It has been designed according to the principles of 'Experience Products' - the latest approach to making course content engaging, memorable and fun. I'm really looking forward to it myself!


Finally, I'd like to thank you for considering my offer to assist you.

I wish you all the very best in these extraordinarily challenging times for entrepreneurs.


Warm regards,



Dr. David Young

The Exit Expert


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